Object of Desire: The Mighty Seed Box by Franklyn & Vincent

Mighty Seed Box garden shed storage by Franklyn & Vincent

Born out of necessity: a wooden seed storage box with just the right number of compartments, sturdy metal hinges, and a shiny clasp.

After London-based garden blogger Sarah Graveling of Franklyn & Vincent designed a wooden seed box to hold her own seeds, “Last Christmas my uncle was sharing some of his pak choi seeds with me and he produced this battered old shoe box,” she said. Seeing his box, I figured I might have a market.”

The next step? Her Mighty Seed Box, available in three colors (all of which we want):

Photography courtesy of Franklyn & Vincent.

Mighty Seed Box garden shed storage by Franklyn & Vincent
Above:  A Mighty Seed Box (shown in black) comes with a roll of black Nutscene twine, scissors, a notebook and pencil, 50 wooden seed labels, and 20 seed envelopes. It is £48.
Mighty Seed Box Franklyn & Vincent garden shed storage
Above: “I’m a relatively new gardener having only had one for a few years, but as a keen veg grower I quickly amounted a lot of seeds,” says Graveling. “All the seed boxes I found online were a bit twee, too small, or included a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t use. So I bought a plain box and customized it.”
Mighty Seed Box garden storage Franklyn and Vincent
Above: A Mighty Seed Box also is available in gray for £48; allow from four to six weeks for back orders.
Mighty Seed Box by Franklyn & Vincent
Above: “At the moment the boxes are made from pinewood to my spec,” says Graveling. “I upgrade the hinges and latch myself and then paint in the three colors to order. Everything included in the box is stuff I use regularly.”


Mighty Seed Box garden storage by Franklyn & Vincent
Above: The third color: green. “Created with thought, for gardeners who are every bit in love with their gardens as we are,” says Graveling.

For more seed saving ideas, see DIY: How to Save Seeds for Next Year and 10 Easy Pieces: Seed Saving Envelopes.

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