Made in California: 8 Design-Worthy Wall Hooks from the Golden State

Counter-Space Raw Brass Wall Hook

Finally a combination of two of our obsessions: artful wall hooks and the great state of California. Here are our eight favorite, multi-purpose wall hooks made in the Golden State:

Above: The hooks are also available via County Ltd., the company’s brick-and-mortar shop in Silver Lake. For a look inside, see Shopper’s Diary: County Ltd. in Silver Lake, Offering Just the Essentials (Handmade Hooks Included) on Remodelista.

Juju Made Ceramic Knobs
Above: The B3 Ceramic Knob by the LA-based industrial designer behind Juju Made can also be used as a wall hook; it’s $38. For more, see Handmade Ceramic Hardware from an LA Blogger over on Remodelista.
Fire Road Plane Wall Hooks
Above: Assembled in the San Francisco headquarters of design workshop Fire Road, the Plane Single Hook is made of bent steel and sustainably-sourced wooden pegs; $27. (The design is also available in three- and five-hook rails.)
West Elm Eric Trine Bent Metal Wall Hooks
Above: The low-profile Bent Metal Wall Hook by LA-based designer Eric Trine is available in five colors with matching screws; $18 each via West Elm.
Most Modest Carmen Hook
Above: The “simple and clean” wooden Carmen Wall Hook is slightly oversize for holding bags and coats; $19 from San Francisco design studio Most Modest.
Beatrice Valenzuela Double Hook
Above: The brass Double Hook by Mexican-born, LA-based designer Beatrice Valenzuela is made using a wax casting process; $60.

Above: New from New Made LA, the California-based project of Amsterdam Modern: midcentury-inspired wall hooks. Wire Hook Square and Wire Hook Circle, shown in black, are $15 each.

Counter-Space Raw Brass Wall Hook
Above: The C-S Wall Hook by Counter-Space is made in Los Angeles and comes in three finishes: raw brass, blackened bronze, and (not pictured) black with a polished edge; $32 each. See Counter-Space: Furniture and Homewares for Mindful Living, California-Style.
New Made LA Wire Hook Brass Triangle
Above: Wire Hook Brass, shown in Triangle, is $25.
Scout Regalia SR Wall Hooks
Above: The SR Wall Hook by LA-based studio Scout Regalia features two small hooks for holding essentials; $18 each for any of the six color options. (We love them in metallic finishes, too; see Hardware Update: SR Hooks in Metal from Scout Regalia.)

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