Kitchoo: A Tiny All-in-One Kitchen System from the Swiss

Kitchoo K6 Pocket Kitchen

The Swiss are known for their precision and simplicity in design (see: well-made watches; the Helvetica typeface (the name literally means “Swiss”)). So it’s no surprise that any Switzerland-designed kitchen system would be exceptionally clever, functional, and high-quality, all in a compact package.

Take, for example, Kitchoo, makers of “Swiss pocket kitchens” manufactured in the EU—the equivalent of a Swiss army knife for the cook space.

Take a look at the two models on offer:


Kitchoo K6 Pocket Kitchen
Above: The company began twenty years ago when founder Peter Locher searched in vain for a good-looking and efficient mini kitchen for his tiny flat in Paris—and decided to create one himself. The result is the Kitchoo (which means “good omen” in Japanese), currently available in two models: the K6 (shown) and the K9.

“Our goal has always been to optimize the functionality of our compact kitchens while improving the comfort of use,” the company writes on their website. “Kitchoo was one of the first tiny kitchens equipped with a synthetic stone kitchen top; one of the first small kitchens to have a refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave all in one; and finally the very first small kitchen equipped with a hood to completely conceal a small kitchen.”

Kitchoo K6 Pocket Kitchen
Above: The first model on offer is the K6 kitchen: “an unconventional design with a high quality craftsmanship” in a super tiny footprint. It’s made from acrylic resin, so it’s “resistant to scratches, abrasion, dry heat, and acidic solvents,” and has two hoods that open to reveal the kitchen itself.
Kitchoo K6 Pocket Kitchen
Above: The kitchen with one hood open. “Appliances of major brands have been selected for their characteristics and in particular for their capacities,” according to the Kitchoo website. The company’s attention to detail goes quite literally down to the hinges, which, along with the drawer slides, are made in Germany and “ensure perfect operation of doors and drawers.”
Kitchoo K6 Pocket Kitchen
Above: Unbelievably, each Kitchoo kitchen includes a stainless-steel sink with retractable tap, induction cooktop, mini fridge and freezer, a storage drawer, an optional dishwasher or pull-out waste bin drawer (at bottom), LED lighting, a power supply socket, and even a shelf for displaying cookbooks or tablets within view.
Kitchoo Limited Edition Alpine Pocket Kitchen
Above: Kitchoo kitchens also come in 500 different colorways, like this pine-y green.


Kitchoo K9 Pocket Kitchen
Above: Alternatively, the K9 kitchen is slightly taller (though still quite tiny). It also features a dual-hood system, which “allows you to hide your Kitchoo in an elegant and rational way,” according to the company’s website. “It also optimizes usable surfaces while improving the comfort of your functional Kitchoo kitchen. The minimalist Kitchoo K9 has one of the smallest footprint in hide-away kitchens. No more extra doors, sliding doors, re-entry doors, and other bulky and cumbersome shutters to use.”
Kitchoo K9 Pocket Kitchen
Above: One hood opens to reveal the sink and tap, automatically lit by LED lighting.
Kitchoo K9 Kitchen
Above: In addition to the features of the K6 model, the K9 includes an extractor hood, microwave oven with grill, and extra storage up above the synthetic stone countertop.
Kitchoo K9 Pocket Kitchen
Above: Each Kitchoo kitchen comes “complete, fully equipped, and almost fully assembled” (and also comes with free technical assistance). The K6 begins at €4,800 and the K9 at €7,300; both are fully customizable as well, from colors to finishes and interior components.

For much more, head to Kitchoo.

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N.B.: This post was first published on Remodelista on January 12, 2023.

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