Kitchen Video: Countertop Organization and Storage

Those of us with modestly sized open kitchens know the importance of counter organization; here is a video with some of our preferred strategies for containing—and beautifying—countertop clutter. Video by Jason Jurgens.


Above: For dish scrubber containment, I use the heavyweight pewter Measuring Beaker from venerable Italian company Match; it’s 6 inches high and is handmade by artisans in Northern Italy; $144 at Tabula Tua. Although the price is punishing, I’ve had mine for 15 years; because of its anchoring heft, it’s ideal for holding dish brushes and bottle cleaners. Above middle: Iris Hantverk Bottle Brush; handmade of oil-treated birch and natural horse hair bristles; $36 at Brook Farm General Store in Brooklyn. Above R: Dish Brush from Germany; made of beechwood and sisal; $6 at Brook Farm General Store.

Above: The German-made wooden Maier Nonstick Pan Cleaning Brush is $4.50 at Williams-Sonoma.

Above L: Heath Ceramics Modern Cup Large is 3.25 inches in diameter, costs $20, and is available in several colors. Above R: I am a recent convert to the Iris Hantverk Washing-Up Whisk, made of broom root; $16.98 at Fjorn.

Above: Dispense dishwashing liquid into the Limmaren Bottle from Ikea; $7.99.

Above: The 100 percent biodegradable Twist Loofah Kitchen Sponge is $5 at Eco Housekeeping. The companion Twist Naked Sponge is $3 at Eco Housekeeping.

Above: Olive oil Savon de Marseille soap from France is ideal for the kitchen (and lasts forever); $12 at Brook Farm General Store.

Above: Wood Soap Dish; $11.85 (for a pack of three) from Primal Elements, via Amazon.

Above: Natural Hemp Scrub Cloth; $7.99 at Eco Kitchen.


Above: David Mellor’s vertical Knife Block requires a smaller countertop footprint than traditional knife blocks; $70 at Heath Ceramics.

Above: Jelly roll pans are useful as dish drainer liners (top image via Martha Stewart) or as trays for organizing items such as olive oil and vinegar bottles and salt cellars. Prices start at $11.50 for a Chicago Metallic 9.25-by-12-inch Chicago Metallic Commercial Jelly Roll Pan at Amazon.

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