Kitchen: Open Rail Storage Systems

We love open kitchens, but we also like organized kitchens. When kitchen space is at a premium, open rail storage systems are great space savers and keep utensils and supplies within easy reach. The systems can be configured to fit any space, from a single rail over the range to a full-kitchen system.

Above: A simple, modern open system kitchen; photo by Minh + Wass.

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Above: Of the three Kitchen Wall Rail Systems offered by Ikea, the Grundtal System is our favorite. Its simple, modern professional design and wide range of accessory and rack options combined with an extremely affordable price make it hard to beat. The basic Grundtal Rail comes in three sizes (21-, 31.5-, or 47-inch) for $6.99, $8.99, and $10.99, respectively. Customize a system with selections from the Full Range of Grundtal Accessories, including simple S-Hooks ($2.99 for a packet of five), a Spice Rack ($19.99), and a Wall Shelf ($14.99).

Above: The beautifully designed French Cristel Panoply Rail System is made from high-quality stainless steel. Rail pieces cost from $32 to $101, depending on length.

Above: The German-designed Rosle Open Kitchen System is considered top-of-the-line in performance, looks, and durability. Build the system’s foundation with Rosle’s Stainless Rails that range from 31.5 inches to 47.25 inches in length; $18 to $53 each at Sur La Table. They can be mounted directly onto the backsplash or under the cabinets, using Rosle’s wall or under-counter attachments. Rail Hooks and Attachments available for $12 to $15 at Sur La Table.

A full line of Rosle utensils complements the systems. Above L: Angled Spatula, $28 at Sur La Table. Above R: A personal favorite, the Rosle Open Kitchen System Clock, $111 at Sur La Table.

Above: A good all-around rail that can accommodate heavy pans as well as simple utensils is the All-Clad Stainless Hanging Tool Rack. It measures 17.5 inches in length and comes with six detachable hooks and mounting hardware. Can be used with utensils, pans, and other system’s attachments with slots in their handles. $19.99 at Amazon.

Above: An affordable, out-of-the-box-ready option is the Closet Maid Organizer Rail System. With all necessary hardware included, just one rail mounts to the wall. $45.18 at Amazon.

Below: Or this DIY idea using a vintage coat rail.

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