Instant Utensil Rack

On your next weekend hike, be on the lookout for a sculptural, sturdy branch—you’ll need it, once you see this easy DIY idea.

We’ve spotted this idea for hanging utensils and colanders in a couple of interiors recently; all you need is a foraged branch, a bit of rope, and a few S hooks.

Above: A branch in the kitchen of Tarifa Beach Houses. See Hotels & Lodging: El Cancho Beach House on the Costa de la Luz.

Above: A white painted branch hangs from a few strands of rope from VT Wonen. Consider the Grundtal S-Hook from Ikea to hang pans and tea pots; $2.99 for five.

Above: A branch propped between two shelf supports makes an instant kitchen storage rail with the addition of S hooks in the house of photographer and interiors stylist Kjerstis Lykke.

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