Hay Kitchen Market: Artful Essentials from a Copenhagen Design Duo

Mette Hay and Frederik Bille Brahe HAY Kitchen Market

The Copenhagen flagship of Danish company Hay is a six-minute walk from Atelier September, the artfully low-key café from chef Frederik Bille Brahe. “We pass by everyday on our way to work,” says Hay cofounder Mette Hay. Naturally, Hay got to know Brahe, and the two began to dream up a kitchen collection of their favorite things.

Brahe has a distinct, unfussy style and Hay, a penchant for color and quirk. Pair the two together and you’ve got the Hay Kitchen Market, a line of everyday kitchenware based on found or reinvented objects sourced from around the world. The collection made its debut in New York earlier this week; Annie and I can verify, the goods are even better in person (we dropped by to check out the offerings).

N.B.: You can find Hay Kitchen Market products at the MoMA Design Store in SoHo, New York (with limited stock online), and in Oslo, Paris, London, Copenhagen, and Hay online in the next month.

HAY Kitchen Market Rainbow Plate
Above: Stacks of multicolored porcelain Hay Rainbow Plates; $13–$16 each at MoMA Design Store. The conventional-looking Sugar Shaker is also part of the collection; it’s sourced from Italy.
HAY Kitchen Market Enamel Cups and Mugs
Above: Two colors of enamelware cups and mugs.
HAY Kitchen Market Chopping Board Rectangle
Above: The Hay Chopping Board in Bordeaux is also available in different shapes and colors; $29-$49 each at MoMA.
HAY Kitchen Market Soft Ice Dinner Plates Enamel
Above: Blue and green marbled enamelware.
HAY Kitchen Market Pitcher
Above: A stainless steel pitcher sourced from India and produced in greater quantities for Hay.
HAY Kitchen Market Large Jug Clear
Above: Glassware created by German glassblower Jochen Holz for Hay; the Clear Jug is also available in two-tone colored glass versions.
HAY Kitchen Market Ice Cube Tray
Above: A bright blue ice cube tray is Hay’s interpretation of basic silicone trays.
HAY Kitchen Market Laboratory Glass
Above: Borrowed from the chemist for use in the kitchen, the collection features a group of laboratory glassware with blue tops. Here the laboratory glass is used as a water pitcher. Next to it is another piece from the collection, a handblown glass carafe.
HAY Kitchen Market Washcloth
Above: A knitted striped washcloth.
HAY Kitchen Market Picnic Container Family
Above: A signature Atelier September dish (open face avocado on rye) plated on the marbled enamelware. In the background is a trio of stainless steel picnic containers (tiffin tins) of different sizes, also in the collection.
HAY Kitchen Market Enamel Mug and Glass Coffee Mug
Above: A coffee mug in heat-resistant glass and a brown enamel cup.
HAY Kitchen Market Blue Glass
Above: Sourced from France, a blue glass coffee cup and saucer.

HAY Kitchen Market Dishtowels
Above: A cotton Tea Towel in blue check (right).
HAY Kitchen Market Coffee Thermos
Above: The Hay Teapot in brown porcelain was designed by George Sowden for Hay; $69–$85 at MoMA Design Store.
HAY Kitchen Market Wood Mugs
Above: Hay Woods Mugs are designed by Richard Woods for Hay and comes in six colors; $19 each at MoMA Design Store.

HAY Kitchen Market Turkish Handmade Bucket
Above: A handmade steel bucket that was found in Turkey and produced in collaboration with the maker.
Mette Hay and Frederik Bille Brahe HAY Kitchen Market
Above: Frederik Bille Brahe and Mette Hay both wearing utilitarian French work jackets.
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