Hang It Anywhere: Bespoke Clothing Racks from New Zealand

I’m in perpetual search for space-saving clothing storage for my tiny Manhattan apartment—especially options that will display a few of my favorite pieces. So I was thrilled to stumble upon Auckland, New Zealand–based company I’ll Hang it Here, whose designs are much like the hanging copper rack in Munich’s Bold Hotel. A few years back, unable to find the kind of industrial pipe-style clothing racks she was searching for, artisan Melissa Brooks started making her own. Now she and her partner, Russell Bowden, offer a line of eight made-to-order, slim-line clothing racks in different finishes and styles. Here are our favorite designs.

Photography courtesy of I’ll Hang It Here.

Classic Clothes Rack by I'll Hang It Here

Above: The Classic clothing rack (from $309) is available in black or white, with or without wheels—but, Brooks says, “if you move your furniture around as much as I do, you will want the wheel option.”

White Corner Clothes Rack by I'll Hang It Here

Above: The galvanized-steel Corner clothes rack ($219) fits snugly into small spaces and is fitted with an umbrella hook.

Copperroom Classic Clothes Rack by I'll Hang It Here

Above: The Copperroom clothes rack (the silhouette of the Classic in a copper finish) adds industrial style to any entryway or bedroom. (From $499.) The Copperroom Mini version (not pictured) is 23.6 inches wide, perfect for children’s rooms or small spaces ($229).

Copperroom Hang It by I'll Hang It Here

Above: Instant closet: The copper pipe Copperroom Hang It ($199) suspends from the ceiling with a brass chain and S hooks.

Detail of Copperroom Hang It Rack by I'll Hang It Here

Above: A detail of the pipe-style fittings.

Luxe Clothes Rack by I'll Hang It Here

Above: The sturdy Art Deco–style Luxe rack ($699) is made of brass-coated steel. The top detaches from the base, making it easy to disassemble and move.


Above: Available in black or white, the Sylph clothing rack ($199) “creates an area for your adornments without using up your much loved floor space.” Brooks suggests using the top portion of the rack for hanging jewelry or scarves.

These racks marry two of our favorite things: small-space organization and thoughtful clothing display. For more, see our posts:

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