Low-Impact Living: Grain Silos, Flour Mills, Sprouting Pots, and More from Hawos

To be filed under: something we’d like to own for our idyllic, bread-baking, seed-sprouting, whole-grain life in the future. In truth, none of us at Remodelista has ever ground our own flour, but we have friends who swear by the benefits (better flavor, far more nutritious). And we were so delighted by the look of these wooden home mills, grain silos, and companion accessories by Hawos of Germany that we’re ready to start—or, at least, to contemplate welcoming these accessories into our tiny kitchens.

Hawos grain silos at Randvoll Unverpackt market, Germany
Above: Hawos grain silos at Randvoll Unverpackt, one of Germany’s ground-breaking package-free supermarkets. The store offers customers a mill to grind their own flour.
Hawos glass grain silos.
Above: Hawos Glass Silos also work well for home use. Prices start at €225.40.
Hawos Molere hand-crank home flour mill.
Above: The Hawos Molere, €210, is a hand-cranked grain mill for everyday kitchen use. Made of solid beech and beech plywood, it has a detachable funnel and ceramic grinding stone, and comes with a glass catch-all.
Hawos Billy home flour mill.
Above: The Billy, €299, and Billy 2, €399, are motorized options made of solid birch and birch plywood. Find the complete Hawos line as well as wooden mills from other brands at Happy Mills.

Ready to consider milling your own flour for bread baking? My friend Giti Koenig has been doing it for years. She orders whole grains online from Azure Market, mills the amount of flour she needs (it doesn’t keep for long), and makes Mark Bittman’s much-celebrated No-Knead Bread from Jim Lahey: “Using a sourdough starter, it takes me a total of about three minutes to make a loaf. At one point, I was baking a loaf a day.”

Hawos The Phoenix hand-cranked grain flake press.
Above: The Hawos Phoenix, €149, is hand-cranked flaker of solid beach (temporarily out of stock due to high demand). It’s used for turning oats and other grains into flakes for homemade muesli and oatmeal.
Hawos clay sprouts germinator
Above: Hawos Sprouts, €47, are clay pots for germinating your own sprouts in a matter of days.
Hawos grain bags via Happy Mills, Germany.
Above: Hawos also makes Grain Bags of washable cotton that protect the contents from light exposure; these start at $35 for a three-kilo sack from Happy Mills. Hawos also sells the beech wall bracket.

Want to try baking with small-batch flour before committing to your own mill? Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks recommends Cainspring Mills and Hayden Flour Mills as two good sources.

For more package-free living ideas, check out our latest book, Remodelista: The Low-Impact Home.

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N.B.: This post was first published on Remodelista on June 5, 2023.

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