Design Sleuth: Vintage Kitchen Utensil Racks from France

French vintage enamelware utensil rack from Barcelona Deco Lab via Etsy.

A few months back, we presented a roundup of kitchen designs by Quintana Partners of Menorca, Spain, a team known for their inspired use of vintage details. A wall-hung enamelware utensil rack, a French flea market purchase that they planted in a kitchenette, sent me on a search for lookalikes. Did I have to book a flight to find my own?

I was pleased to discover that plenty are available from online sources not only at reasonable prices, but in a surprising range of colors and patterns. Most seem to come from France (so overseas shipping needs to be factored in), and all incorporate a hanging bar sized for metal spatulas and spoons plus a drip pan. Looking for compact storage with some character and perhaps a touch of rust? One of these could be the answer.

French enamelware utensil rack in Quintana Partners' Sa Calma annex kitchenette, Menorca, Spain
Above: The inspiration: A classic blue-and-white rack in Quintana Partners’ Sa Calma Annex kitchen. See more of the team’s work in Kitchen of the Week: Embracing the Old with Quintana Partners.

Photograph courtesy of Quintana Partners.

French vintage enamelware utensil rack from Barcelona Deco Lab via Etsy.
Above:  A French Enamel Utensil Rack identical to the one in the Quintana Partners’ kitchen is $97.12 from Etsy vendor Barcelona Deco Lab.
French vintage enamel utensil rack from Souvenir de Voyages on Etsy.
Above: Some utensil racks work well for hanging dish towels. Souvenirs de Voyages recently sold this red-and-white rack on Etsy. The shop currently has three other racks on offer, including one with a red-and-white checked border for $64.
Vintage French enamelware utensil rack with scalloped drip pan from La Vie en Pastis.
Above: La Vie en Pastis, a collection of vintage French accessories from “a California girl in Provence,” currently has two utensil racks on offer: a diamond design similar to the Quintana Partners’ example, and this Antique French Utensil Rack with Scalloped Drip Pan; $125.
Vintage French blue-and-white enamelware utensil rack, breizh215 via eBay
Above: A Vintage French Enamelware Utensil Rack with Utensils is $155 (or best offer) from a Brittany-based eBay vendor.
Vintage French plaid enamelware utensil rack, Jerry Martel via eBay.
Above: Yellow-and-blue plaid, anyone? This Vintage French Enamelware Utensil Rack is $199 on eBay from Paris vendor Jerry Martel, ladle included.

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