DIY: Portable Closet, Planter Included

Need more closet space? We spotted a clever DIY solution from Berlin-based designer Katleen Roggeman–with a built-in slot for your favorite house succulent. You can build your own in an afternoon, with an assistant and a beginner’s experience with a drill.

For step-by-step instructions and measurements you can take to the hardware store, see Katleen Roggeman.

Photographs courtesy of Katleen Roggeman.

Above: Bring order (and design) to your closet, with a freestanding Bauhaus-inspired wardrobe.

Ask the hardware store to cut the side panels and shelves for you.

Above: Roggeman used a laminated plywood shelf. You can substitute an adhesive shelf liner to get the same effect. A roll of red Self-Adhesive Shelf Cover is $7.34 on Amazon.

Above: With your power tools are already out, why not tackle another DIY? See:

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