DIY: Painted House Numbers

DIY Painted House Numbers DIY Black White Gardenista

House numbers have their own personality–and say something about yours. When we saw this easy DIY painted house numbers project by Jones Design, we immediately started dreaming about fonts. (If you get sick of a typeface, you can just paint over it.)

For step-by-step instructions, see Jones Design.

Photography courtesy of Jones Design.


Above: You probably have most of the materials on hand. See a list of supplies at Jones Design. You’ll also need house numbers in a typeface you like (or use Jones Design’s template).

diy-painted-house-numbers-chalk-gardenistaAbove: First use chalk to make a transfer.


Above: Tape the chalked numbers to the door.


Above: Trace the numbers. When you lift away the paper, you’ll see faint chalk outlines to guide you as you paint.


Above: Use a thin paint brush, take your time, and apply as many coats as you need. For complete instructions, see Jones Design.

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