DIY: A No-Cost Doorstop Borrowed from Nature

A permanent fixture on my wish list is architect Makoto Koizumi’s Tetu Iron Door Stopper, a weighty, cast-iron doorstop in the shape of a simple river stone. At present, though, a river stone is far more within reach than Koizumi’s design, and so, after seeing a project by Suki Vento of the blog Varpunen, an alternative option came to mind.

I decided to adapt a foraged rock with a bit of paint, with results that both resemble the iron stopper and pay homage to Koizumi’s inspiration.

Above: The inspiration: Makoto Koizumi’s Tetu Iron River Stone Door Stopper is $70 from Nalata/Nalata.

Above: The DIY inspiration: Finnish design blogger Suki Vento and her daughter painted a rock matte white. Photograph from Varpunen; see more of her home in A Lesson in Geometry from Finland.

Above: My own version of the doorstop was made with the perfect rock (chosen for shape and weight) and some paint I had on hand. I used Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel Paint in Flat Black; $16.92 for a pack of two one-quart cans at Home Depot.

Above: The finished product is just heavy enough to keep a door in place.

For more natural decor hacks, see our post DIY: Painted Natural Objects as Decor and have a look through our featured DIY Projects. Another doorstop we like–this one with a nautical twist–is the Marseille Knot Door Stopper.

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