Connecting by Disconnecting: An Entryway Solution for Stashing Electronics

How to keep technology in check—it’s the conundrum of our time. When one San Francisco mother of two young adults felt that technology was interfering with her ability to connect to her teen daughter and her daughter’s friends, she created her own solution: a check-in tech station at the door. Yvonne Israel-O’Hare, a former photo stylist and casting director, was inspired by the Hawaiian habit of removing shoes when entering a home and turned to her skills as a lifelong DIY-er and crafter to create Mobilhome, a hanging felt holder with five pockets for storing phones. Strategically hung by the door, the felt pocket allows people to disconnect before entering a home. As Yvonne points out, “It’s a thoughtful, gentle, earth-friendly reminder that real connection starts the moment we disconnect.”


Above: Mobilhome accommodates five devices with a slit in the back of each pocket for easy charging.


Above:  Yvonne explains that with Mobilhome, she “wanted something not fussy, but beautiful, well-made, biodegradable.”


Above: Made from 100 percent merino felted wool, each holder has a cross slit for easy hanging on knobs and hooks. 


Above: Mobilhome is available in the five colors shown and comes individually wrapped in a handmade scrap fabric bag; $125.

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