How to Clean Down Comforters and Wool Blankets

How to Wash Down Comforter by Justine Hand Crop

Spring has sprung, which means in most regions of the country (though not quite yet here in the Northeast), it’s time to think about washing your hygge bedding and stowing it until the days get shorter.

I used to just send my winter bedding to the dry cleaners, but Justine and Margot have convinced me to do it myself this time.

To learn how to wash a down comforter:

See Justine’s Domestic Science: How to Wash a Down Comforter.

how to wash down comforter
Above: Justine recommends against dry cleaning your down comforter. If you have a large washer and dryer, it’s best to do it yourself at home. Photograph by Justine Hand for Remodelista.

To learn how to clean a wool blanket:

See Margot’s How to Clean Woolen Blankets, 5 Expert Tips.

Above: A Scandinavian woolen blanket in the attic guest room of a Brooklyn townhouse remodel by architects Solveig Fernlund and Neil Logan. Photograph by Matthew Williams for Remodelista.

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