The Brass Tacks: A Handy Razor Holder from Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis Razor Rest

Welcome to our new column, The Brass Tacks, in which we highlight the tiniest but mightiest details in the house: good-looking hardware, hinges, and fixtures.

Remember the little slots in the back of mirrored bathroom cabinets? Contractors installed them in decades past as tiny trash chutes for used razor blades. Years later, though, those doing bathroom renovations opened up the wall to reveal an avalanche of used and rusty blades (see here). As with so many ways we humans dispose of our detritus, it’s the example of quick but not sustainable or sensical.

A much better solution? A made-to-last razor and a handy spot to keep it (and disposing the blades properly, i.e. in a sharps collection container, not in the wall).

Mark Lewis Razor Rest
Above: Among many other attractive bits and pieces of hardware, designer Mark Lewis offers a nifty Razor Rest in his online shop. It’s “hand-cast with care in a British foundry,” according to the shop.
Mark Lewis Razor Rest
Above: According to the shop: “For those with an eye for detail, our solid bronze Razor Rest is an elegant way to ensure your razor is close to hand each morning.” The holder can be affixed in the shower, by the bath, or near the vanity.
Mark Lewis Razor Rest
Above: “Sand-cast products are always individual. Please expect variations in patina and finish between products.” The Razor Rest is £28.50 from Mark Lewis.

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N.B.: This post was first published on Remodelista on April 10, 2023.

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