Beyond the S Hook: The Q Hook

Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei, founders of the Stockholm design studio Afteroom AB, are out to reinvent the wheel, or at least the S hook. Their reinterpretation of that classic staple of the kitchen and the closet eliminates the drawbacks while maintaining the utility. “When you grab stuff from an S hook, the hook is often dislodged in the process,” they point out. “With the addition of a loop, the S hook becomes a more stable storage solution.”


Above: The Q Hook is $19.95 AUD ($15 USD) for a set of three from Resident GP in Australia.


Above: The hook in action.


Above: The Q Hook is available in blue, gray, and pink.

Call us hook-obsessed:

And take a look at Julia Childs’s S-hook Pegboard Kitchen Organization (and the updated version here).

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