Our 10 Favorite All-Glass Food Storage Containers

Peter Ivy Grey Glass Storage Jar

I’ve long admired German designer Wilhelm Wagenfeld’s Kubus storage containers. Designed in 1938, the stackable kitchen containers, in a thick Bauhaus-ian style glass, feature corresponding glass lids. The containers are still airtight without the gaudy plastic or wildly multi-colored tops. Sometimes those things are fine, but when your storage containers sit out on your countertop, shouldn’t they be as beautiful and well-made as any table lamp or centerpiece dish?

In the past, we’ve profiled our favorite plastic-free storage containers for the kitchen, but for the purists and glassware enthusiasts out there, here’s our list of all-glass containers that fit the bill.

Glass Storage Jars
Above: A longtime Remodelista favorite, the German Weck Jar (at left and right) designed for canning can be used (and we often do) without it’s bright orange rubber seal. When used with the coordinating clamps, the jar is still airtight enough for keeping dried goods (just not for proper canning). You can find the jars at The Container Store for $3.99 to $4.99 each and often at retailers like Amazon.
Ichendorf Milano Glass Sugar Jar
Above: Designed by Marco Sironi for Ichendorf Milano, the petit Ichendorf Piuma Sugar Bowl with Scoop can be used for more than just sugar and made of borosilicate glass, is beautiful enough for the countertop.
Ikea Glass Storage Jar
Above: Even Ikea is on board with the all-glass container. Their Ikea 365 Food Container with Glass Lid in 20, 57, and 112 ounce sizes, range from $4.49 to $7.99 each.
Trendglas Jena Storage Jars
Above: From German makers of lab glass solutions for the kitchen, Trendglas Jena’s Glass Jars come in small, medium, and large sizes priced up to about $18 each. They can be found in store at La Trésorerie in Paris or online at Edition Populaire in Switzerland.
Scala Storage Jars
Above: Designed with a black airtight silicone seal (but otherwise all glass), Maria Berntsen’s Scala Storage Jars start at $24.95 at the MoMA Design Store.
Anchor Hocking Glass Storage Jar
Above: The classic cookie jar, Anchor Hocking’s Glass Canisters with Glass Lids are $7.99 to $15.99 each at The Container Store.
Trendglas Jena Glass Storage Dish
Above: Another Remodelista favorite, now hard to find, the Trendglas Jena Glass Storage Dish comes with glass or plastic lids. Available through Trendglas Jena directly in Germany for €22.40 for the largest size.
Peter Ivy Grey Glass Storage Jar
Above: Based in Japan, designer Peter Ivy makes the more luxe of storage jars from hand-blown grey-green glass fashioned with a copper wire. Shown here, the Peter Ivy Grey Glass Coffee Jar is $300; also available are the Small, Medium, and Large Pasta Jars at March.
Kinto Glass Storage Jar
Above: The simple Kinto Low Glass Canister had a glass lid and a clear rubber band seal; about $9 USD each at Dansk Shop.
Mast Home Glass Storage Jars
Above: Available on Amazon, the Mast Home Glass Storage Jars are $25.99 for a set of 4.

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