Before & After: A Cinderella Story Hideaway in the Alps

In the Rhaethian Alps along the borders of Switzerland and Italy, Milan-based architects act_romegialli transformed an unloved concrete garage into a vine-covered green garden pavilion. What makes it look so magical?

Instead of trying to cover up the concrete bunker look, they celebrated the original architecture, using the existing garage as a giant trellis for greenery run amok.

Photography by Marcello Mariana courtesy of  act_romegialli.

Above: The architects built a a galvanized metal frame around the garage and covered it with deciduous vines, including honeysuckle and mile-a-minute vine.


Above: The original garage had a flat roof.


Above: The renovated garden hideaway has two rooms, including a kitchen.

Above: The kitchen has a cook’s range, sink and faucet, and firewood storage.

Above: Two soldered pipes create a faucet that mixes hot and cold water.

Above: Louvered windows allow air to circulate throughout the interior.

Above: Green vines are encouraged to come inside to soften the hard industrial surfaces.

Above: Metal framed full-height windows open the interior to the outdoors.

For more about the project, see:

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