New & Noteworthy: Bedding Sets that Make It Easy to Fold and Store Your Sheets

Lime and Leaf Make It Easy Sheet Sets

File this under products that aren’t necessary but are certainly helpful and handy to have. This week, home textiles company Lime & Leaf launched sheet sets that not only simplify how you make your bed but also make folding, storing, and organizing your sheets a breeze.

Their “Make It Easy” system has three features that will interest anyone who’s obsessive about bed-making and an orderly linen closet: clear sizing labels so that you can easily tell if you’re grabbing the queen- or king-size sheets from the shelves; fitted sheets with labels at the bottom marked END so you’ll never again mistakenly try to fit one on the wrong way; and pillowcases designed to hold coordinating sheets (so that sets can stay together in compact and tidy packages) when not in use.

Lime and Leaf Make It Easy Sheet Sets
Above: Labels on fitted sheets help prevent one of life’s more annoying bungles—putting the bottom sheet on the bed in the wrong direction.

Lime & Leaf Make It Easy Sheet Set
Above: Lime & Leaf’s “Make It Easy” Garment-Washed Sheet Sets are made of 100 percent Supima cotton and priced between $164 (for a twin set) and $228 (for a king set). They currently come in gray (shown) and white.
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