Aris: Old-Fashioned Wooden Goods with Utilitarian Style, Made in Italy

Recently, in search of a step ladder to have on hand for the tall cabinets in her Brooklyn apartment, Julie stumbled upon Aris: Italian makers of “valets and trouser presses, closet hangers, trolleys and carts, step ladders, clothes drying racks and racks, garments racks, and luggage racks.” We like their old-fashioned hotelier aesthetic (and the small space-friendly profiles). Here’s a look at their offerings:

Aris Biblio 4 Folding Step Ladder
Above: The beechwood Biblio 4 Stepladder, with four steps and casters, folds completely when not in use. Also available: the Biblio 3 Stepladder (three steps). When ordering directly from Aris, the company offers a variety of wood finishes—including cherry, beech, and a black-toned wenge—for most of their products.
Aris Multistir Ironing Board from Italy
Above: The Multistir Folding Ironing Board is made of solid beechwood with a cotton cover. $193 via Amazon.
Aris Biblio 2 Step Ladder from Italy
Above: The Biblio 2 Stepstool is available for $146 via Amazon.
Aris Compactstir Ironing Board from Italy
Above: Another ironing offering: the Compactstir Folding Ironing Board folds and is on casters; $204 via Amazon.
Aris Klapp Folding Valet Stand from Italy
Above: We like the Klapp Folding Valet stand in the painted camouflage green finish (shown at left), available for $149 via Amazon. It folds neatly when not in use.
Aris Ego Valet Stand from Italy
Above: The Ego Valet Stand has a tray for coins, a tie and belt rack, and a bar for hanging pants; $176 via Amazon.
Aris Biancolino Laundry Basket from Italy
Above: We also like the Biancolino Laundry Basket with solid beech frame, waterproof insert, and casters. Contact Aris for ordering information.
Aris Pliette Foldable Closet from Italy
Above: The Pliette Foldable Closet is ideal for small spaces and apartments; $227 via Amazon.

For many more offerings, see the Aris catalog. And to order directly from Italy, contact Aris.

More Italian essentials for the home:

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