6 Stylish Wood Knife Racks for the Kitchen

Jacob May Knife Rack

Are knives from obscure sources (or handmade by bearded artisans) the new status symbols of the kitchen? Here are six ideas for putting your kitchen arsenal on full display.

Above: Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks commissioned the 20-inch-long Jacob May Knife Strip in bleached maple for her SF offices; it’s $180 from her online shop, Quitokeeto. The boxwood-handled, carbon-steel knives are the Pallarés Solsona Kitchen Knives; $44 each at Quitokeeto (and also available at March in SF and Le Marché St. George in Vancouver).


Above: The 450-millimeter-long IF4000 Knife Rack, manufactured by Sheffield company Taylor’s Eye Witness, is made from a simple strip of solid oak wood embedded with eight high-strength magnets; £35 ($53.94) from Retail Facility.

Above: Designed by Geoffrey Lilge for On Our Table, the 24-inch-long 9.2.2 Box Knife Rack XL is made in Canada of solid American black walnut; $85 from Lumens.

Above: The 17.5-inch-long Walnut Knife Rack is made in Western Montana; $60. The similar Schmidt Brothers Acacia 18-Inch Magnet Wall Bar is $49.95, and the Schmidt Brothers Acacia 24-Inch Magnet Wall Bar is $59.95; both from Crate & Barrel.

Above: The 18-inch-long Puukko Knife Rack from Uusi is made from reclaimed old-growth cypress or redwood; $135.

Make your own knife display: See DIY: A Wall-Mounted Leather Knife Rack.

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