5 Quick Fixes: Tablets in the Kitchen

Recipes, cooking apps, pasta-making tutorials. What’s not to love about the bottomless recipe book and culinary courses available on tablets? Food splatters on the screen, for one. Spilled milk on the counter where the tablet lies, for another. I’m having my own debate about my tablet’s ability to be in the kitchen. Is the iPad ready to be a kitchen appliance? Where do you stand?

If you are a devotee of your tablet as cooking assistant, let us know your favorite cooking apps in the Comments section below.

Above: Designer Andrea Ponti’s Bosco Cutting Board and iPad Stand is the product that could get my iPad to migrate to the kitchen countertop.

Above: An “experiment with the relationship between technology and a kitchen tool that is often dull and flat but used daily,” the Bosco Cutting Board and iPad Stand is made of Ginkgo wood hand-carved out of a single log by Kyoto craftsmen. Take the cutting board out of the stand and replace with an iPad. Still a prototype, I am hoping it comes to market soon. Images via Andrea Ponti Design.

Above: Take cover. Spill-proof and food-covered-hands-proof, Chef Sleeves are perfectly sized ziplock covers for the iPad; $8.95 for a 25-pack at Amazon. Image via Whole Food Lab.

Above: I prefer to keep disposables at bay. While it doesn’t protect from monumental spills, the washable, anti-glare Williams Sonoma iPad Screen Shield keeps your iPad splatter-free; $5.99.


Above: I am not sure our family needs another draw to the refrigerator, but an option to keep your kitchen tablet off the counter without a permanent fix is the magnetic FridgePad for iPad; £34.99 ($51) at Woodford Design.

Maybe a Tablet Disguise is the way to go?

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on April 5, 2013.

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