5 Quick Fixes: Spice Rack Solutions

There is something undeniably pleasing about a well-designed spice rack.

When I moved into my first apartment, my top priority when stocking the kitchen was to buy little glass jars for all the hand-me-down spices that I acquired (the benefit of having a chef for a mother). Here are five quick solutions for the kitchen spice display.

Above: Use Metal Tins with Clear View Tops to organize your spice drawer; $48.24 for 72 2-ounce jars from SKS Bottle. Photo from Amy Kundrat’s Flickr.

Above: Spices hung neatly on the wall in the home of Allen Hemberger; photo via Design Sponge.

Above: The humble beginnings of my spice collection starts with March Pantry’s black glass jars designed by Design is Play and available at MARCH in San Francisco.

Above: Dean and Deluca Spice Rack; $175 from Dean and Deluca. Photo via Time Out New York.

Above: Salts displayed in Weck jars and labeled with kraft paper stickers; $25 for the set of three each at Terrain.

Above: Create a spice drawer using Ikea’s Droppar Jars made of glass and stainless steel; $9.99 each.

This isn’t our only kitchen storage secret; take a look at our post on 10 Strategies for Hiding the Microwave.

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on April 11, 2012.

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