10 Organized Kitchens on a Budget, Thanks to Ikea’s Grundtal Rail System


My kitchen in Brooklyn, New York, is actually an entryway. When the apartment was remodeled, the kitchen was obviously an afterthought; it’s smashed between the bathroom and the front door. Forget counter space! We don’t have any. What we do have with is 15 or so inches of backsplash height to work and a tight budget. That’s where Ikea’s Grundtal Series comes in handy.

Back in 2008 we wrote about Open Rail Storage Systems on Remodelista, and the budget system that continues to endure six years later is the Grundtal Series, which comes in a classic brushed stainless steel finish and includes everything from the rail-and-S-hook system to a hanging dish drainer and magnetic knife rack. Given its price (the most expensive component is $26.99), it is remarkably appealing. Here are 10 kitchens from the Remodelista archives that use the Grundtal series in creative ways; it looks so good, you wouldn’t guess it came from a big-box store.

Stadshem Scandinavian Kitchen
Above: A Grundtal kitchen rail connected together creates one long rail across this makeshift kitchen in Sweden. See Steal This Look: Smart Storage in a Swedish Kitchen on Remodelista for more.
Freunde von Freunden John and Jen Vitale
Above: The Portland, Oregon, kitchen of John and Jen Vitale profiled on Freunde von Freunden features a Grundtal rail above the range. Photograph by Carissa and Andrew Gallow, courtesy of Freunde von Freunden.
Anzu New York Grundtal Rack
Above: Rails and S hooks are stocked with Japanese brushes, sieves, and linens. Styled by Remodelista Market alum Anzu New York.
Bell Street Kitchen by Hearth Studio
Above: Making use of unused space, the architects installed a Grundtal rail over the kitchen window (it opens out onto a brick wall anyway) in Kitchen of the Week: A Seventies Overhaul by Hearth Studio on Remodelista.
Stadshem Kitchen in Sweden
Above: A single 31.5-inch rail is mounted onto the backsplash in a Swedish kitchen from real estate site Stadshem. (Also shown: the Ankarsrum Swedish Food Processor.)
Table on Ten Kitchen Shelving
Above: A full Grundtal setup at Table on Ten cafe consists of wall shelves, dish drainers, and hanging containers. Photograph by Matthew Williams from Old Is New: Table on Ten in Upstate New York on Remodelista.
Trollhagenco The Schoolhouse Kitchen Remodel
Above: A Grundtal rail hangs on the underside of a shelf in a Brooklyn kitchen. For more, see Before & After: The $350 DIY Kitchen Overhaul in Two Weekends over on Remodelista.
Alemanys 5 Ann Noguera in Spain
Above: A long Grundtal rail and hanging Grundtal Shelf in a Barcelona kitchen by Anna Noguera from Medieval Meets Modern in Catalonia.
Amin Taha Spruce Apartment London Kitchen
Above: Grundtal rails in two sizes in a compact kitchen by Amin Taha from Steal This Look: A London Efficiency Kitchen on a Budget (Plus, It’s for Sale).

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