10 Easy Pieces: Door Edge Pulls

A pocket door makes a lot of sense in the city. A door that neatly tucks into the wall is something any small-space residence can appreciate.

Think of a door pull as an architect would: It’s concealed, yes, but it’s essential, the way a cotton bag without its drawstring is suddenly useless. If you have a sliding door to outfit, here are our 10 favorite architectural edge pulls of the moment.


Above: The Baren’s Collection Mortoise Edge Pull is available through Katonah Architectural Hardware in New York City, Chicago, and Katonah, New York.


Above: The Dummy Pocket Door with Edge Pull is made from heavy-duty steel, available through Eric Morris & Co.


Above: The Solid Brass Pocket Door Edge Pull, shown here in lacquered brass, is also available in four other finishes for $17 at Rejuvenation.


Above: The HB680 Large Edge/End Pull is push-button activated and available through Halliday Baille dealers.


Above: Whitechapel’s Sprung Edge Pull is shown in antiqued brass; $174.36.


Above: The Deltanta Edge Pull is made of solid brass and available in nine different finishes; prices range from $26.80 to $30.50.


Above: The Baren’s Collection Bangor Edge Pull is available through Katonah Architectural Hardware.


Above: The Pocket Door Strike with Pull comes in 18 different finishes at Baldwin Hardware.


Above: From Sun Valley Bronze, the EDG-200 Pocket Door Edge Pull is shown in the open position.


Above: From Frank Allart in Birmingham, England, the 4377 Door Edge Pull has a counterbalanced handle that returns to the closed position when released.


Above: The Spring-Loaded Edge Pull is available in wrought brass, bronze, or stainless steel at Accurate Lock & Hardware.


Above: The French Drop Edge Pull at E.R. Butler & Co. is made of solid machined brass. Also available at E.R. Butler is the Universal Active Edge Pull.

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