Most insect-repellent candles on the market are filled with DEET or other toxins and reek of citronella. Erin Boyle decided to make her own scented tea lights that would keep pests at bay without also sending dinner guests running. She settled on a woodsy combination of rosemary, geranium, and lavender oils–three scents known for repelling mosquitoes and other insects.

Materials: 1. 1/2 lb beeswax 2. Rosemary essential oil 3. Geranium esssential oil 4. Lavender essential oil 5. Double boiler 6. 6 fluted dessert cups (or other small vessels) 7. Pre-assembled tea light wicks

Break up the beeswax into small pieces, and fill the bottom pan of your double-boiler with water and place the wax into the top pan. Heat until the wax melts. Then, add several drops of each essential oil to the melted wax, stirring with a wooden spoon or chopstick.

Pour the scented wax into the tart tins.

Let the wax cool slightly until a skin starts to form. Then place a pre-assembled tea-light wick (see below) in the center of each mold.

Let the wax harden, then trim the wick to a height of 1/4 inch. Use your tea lights during your next outdoor cocktail hour or dinner party under the stars.