Photography by Erin Boyle

After hunting in vain for a simple hanging bottle vase that was as affordable as it was delicate, Erin Boyle took matters into her own hands. Here, she walks us through the steps of this easy and stylish DIY.

Materials: 1. Dark Annealed Wire 2. Needle nose pliers 3. Wire cutters (Erin used a multipurpose Leatherman) 4. Cloth napkin 5. Glass bottle or vase of your choice

The secret to the understated look of the wire hangers I’ve admired is dark annealed steel wire. Erin used thin, 20-gauge wire for a delicate look.

To begin, bend the wire into two circles–one to serve as the base and the other to support the mid-section of the vase.  To make the circle that would support the vase in the middle, wrap your glass bottle in a cloth napkin to make sure the main circle is slightly larger than the diameter of the vase.

Use the neck of your bottle to form a second circle. This circle supports the bottom of the vase, so make sure it is smaller than the base of the bottle.

Use the needle nose pliers to twist the two ends of the wire to form a circle, and then remove them from the bottle for later.

Cut four strips of wire and use the pliers to bend smell crooks at the base of each wire.

Attach each straight piece to the smallest (base) circle and clamp each crook closed with the pliers.

Place the vase on top of the smaller base circle and space the four straight wires at equal distances apart from one another.

Holding the bottle in place over the base circle, pull each straight piece up around the bottle and slip the larger circle over the top of the bottle and over each upright wire as shown.

Taking care to keep the top circle level, gently bend each upright wire down over the middle circle as shown.

Use your pliers to twist a second crook around the middle circle and snip off any remaining wire.

Finally, attach a simple handle using the same bent crook method. Add water and flowers, and you have a simple and elegant hanging bud vase.