Co Photograph by Laura Muthesius, courtesy of Our Food Stories

A few summers ago, Remodelista's Annie Quigley made a horror discovery: a bag of frozen blueberries, fresh from the grocery store, had melted into her white sheepskin throw. Luckily, with some quick thinking, Annie was able to remove the stain using an all natural method. Here's the process.

Photo by Justine Hand

Materials: -Fresh Lemon Juice -A spoonful of dishsoap mixed with cold water -Plenty of white paper towels -Plain cold water

Photo by Sarah Londsdale

1. Pre-Treatment: Lift the Juice Out

Photo by Alexa Holtz

2. Lemon Soak

Photo courtesy of Food52

3. Dab the Lemon Out

Photo by Justine Hand

4. Dish Soap Time

Photo by Erin Boyle

5. Dab the Soap Out

Photo by Michael A. Muller

6. Rinse/Wash

Photo by Erin Boyle

7. Dry

Photo by Erin Boyle