Common in Europe but still a nascent concept in the US, kitchen systems make for one-stop shopping: Typically, a company designs a set of wall-mounted or freestanding cabinetry and workstations down to the minute details, and clients finish the customization. Here are 6 of our favorites, from Germany.

Photo courtesy of Alno

Family-owned since its founding in 1949, Bulthaup and its competitor Poggenpohl are arguably the premier names in German kitchen systems.

Photo courtesy of Bulthaup

1. Bulthaup

Eggersmann is a relatively small manufacturer with a production output of roughly 6,000 kitchens each year. Founded in 1908, it’s the oldest family-owned kitchen maker in Germany.

Photo via Eggersmann

2. Eggersmann

Photo via Holzrausch

Holzrausch is an interior design firm with its own manufacturing arm and a growing portfolio of modular kitchens.

3. Holzrausch

Photo via Poggenpohl

Founded in 1892, Poggenpohl is the oldest kitchen company in the world and manufactures in Hereford, Germany.

4. Poggenpohl

Photo via SieMatic

In 1922, SieMatic began making kitchen “dressers,” which were something like china hutches.

5. SieMatic

Warendorf was created as an offshoot of Miele in 1973, and until 2010 was still branded as Miele Kitchens.

Photo via Warendorf

6. Warendorf