A 23-year-old mountain enthusiast and skier engaged Davide Gratteri and Marta Lavezzari of multidisciplinary Milan design firm Jab Studio to update his dated, chalet-style condominium in the Italian Alps into a contemporary, modular space.

The apartment is filled with few decorative objects; all the furniture (except for the mismatched dining chairs and the sofa in the den in the next room) was designed by Jab.

Jab used only three materials in the compact space—light wood, white  fixtures, plus black metal accents in the ceiling lights, railings, and bath fixtures.

The pine floorboards are installed in alternating directions “in order to underline space divisions,” according to the architects.

When not in use, the custom dining wood table tucks against the kitchen island to save space.

Three matte black Lampe Gras ceiling lights—a favorite of architect Le Corbusier—hang above the dining table.

The compact gray sofa is one of the few furniture pieces not designed by Jab.