Photography courtesy of Inglis Hall

Come with us on a tour of this multi-functional mudroom, laundry room, canning station, and storage area in an East Sussex, UK home. Designed by bespoke cabinet maker Inglis Hall, the space was cleverly formatted to fill as many needs as possible.

This extra room, just off the kitchen is “the vegetable processing plant,” says Toby Inglis Hall (founder of Inglis Hall).

Wall-mounted shelves wrap around the room and provide plenty of storage. Extra jars for preserving fruits and vegetables are kept in the drawers.

The custom sink was designed for cleaning vegetables—”it’s deliberately shallow with a decent fall to wash away mud,” says Toby.

The view to the kitchen - the reeded-glass door is a design highlight.

The functionality continues in the kitchen, where a free-standing island provides ample cooking and seating space.