We’re turning our attention to the room that often gets overlooked day-to-day: the guest bed and bath. Chances are, yours has become a temporary storage facility. But it’s not too late to make it a comfortable place for your guests to spend a night;  just follow these tips from Tricia Rose, the linen bedding maven of Rough Linen. 

Photo by Sarah Elliott

Photo by Tom Kubik for Remodelista

“Guest bedrooms can feel unloved if they are seldom used and have a special genius for accumulating stray articles—exercise equipment, boxes, and such,” Tricia says. “The first thing you need to do to make it welcoming and comfortable is clear those things away or, at the very least, conceal them.

Be prepared for guests’ needs, so they won’t need to ask. Having a number of spare blankets helps to keep even the chillest of sleepers happy.

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“Provide bolsters to fill the gap between headboard and mattress so that reading in bed is a pleasure, with good over-the-shoulder lights,"  says Tricia.

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Set out water, a fresh glass, and some reading material for your guest.

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Whether your guests have an en suite all to themselves or are sharing one down the hall, stock it as a hotelier might. “A basket of rolled washcloths in the bathroom is a delicious luxury, along with fresh soap and the basics. It doesn’t have to be stocked like a pharmacy,” Tricia says.