Photo by Marcia Mihotich

Love repurposing storage but want a modern look? Here are 6 examples of wooden storage crates that prove they can look just as appropriate in modern environments as they do in a rustic scene. 

Photo courtesy of Alfredo Antuña architects

In the lounge area of the Box Hotel in Hakone, Japan, a pyramid-like configuration of new crates was used to display Japanese wares and bags of Arabica Kyoto coffee.

Photo courtesy of the Box Hotel

The Webb Street Company, a housewares store in Cornwall, England, exemplifies the warm modernism aesthetic. Here, the patina of the vintage apple crates turned shelves pops against the all-white walls.

Photo courtesy of The Webb Street Company

Photo by Katrin Vierkant, courtesy of LSL Architects

For Tokki, a Japanese restaurant in Paris, LSL Architects bought apple crates from an apple delivery company in Orléans, France, for €15 each, then designed the wall-mounted crate shelving to fit perfectly in the space above the sink.

Photo by Markus Linderoth courtesy of Förstberg Ling

On the side wall of Maria Förstberg’s plywood kitchen in Sweden, shelves stocked with Ikea Knagglig crates form an orderly open pantry.

Photo by Tim Beddow from Open House by Amanda Pays and Corbin Bernsen, by permission of Gibbs Smith

A simple plaster shelf at Mas Maroc, Amanda Pays and Corbin Bernsen’s farmhouse in the South of France, serves as the dining room sideboard.

Clarisse Prudent, an interior designer and flea market regular, created display shelves out of stacked vegetable crates for the kitchen of her home in Burgundy.

Photo by Constance Gennari, courtesy of The Socialite Family.

Photo by Marcia Mihotich and via The Modern House.

A reminder that crates aren’t just of the two-handled variety. A packing crate (found on the street) serves as the perfect coffee table in the tiny plywood-lined beach house of Marcia Mihotich and Durrell Bishop.