When the kitchen remodeling budget is tight, some creative thinking is in order: here are 8 ideas for finessing the backsplash issue.

Photo by Yoko Inoue

The backsplash in this artists' kitchen is a sheet of painted glass, salvaged from an old project and glued in place.

Photo by Kim Lightbody

1. Glass

Designer C.S. Valentin’s apartment features a kitchen backsplash fashioned from slabs of wood painted with chalkboard paint.

Photo by Jonathan Hökklo

2. Chalkboard Paint

Photo by Nina Holst for Stylizimo

Norwegian blogger Nina Holst of Stylizmo created a backsplash using birch plywood stained black.

3. Painted Plywood

Photo by Ruby Woodhouse

Instead of tiling the entire wall above the kitchen counter, consider the cost-effective strategy of using tiles just where you most need them: above the sink and stove.

4. Selective Tiling

Photo by Matthew Williams for Remodelista

In Fabr Studio’s office kitchen, a slab of marble, left over from a kitchen project, serves as oversized backsplash.

5. Marble Scrap

For a project in the Catskills, Jersey Ice Cream Co. created an ingenious backsplash out of copper flashing purchased inexpensively online and nailed in place with copper tacks.

Photo by Beth Kirby of Local Milk

6. Metal Sheet

Photo via Atelier de Curiosite

Canadian company Smart Tiles offers peel-and-stick embossed Gel-O tile look-alikes; shown is the Hexago pattern.

7. Stick-up Tiles

Photo courtesy of British Standard

Color-blocking the wall can create the illusion of a backsplash.

8. Color Blocking