• All Hands

    New York handbag designer Jen Stillwell spent three years working on boats in Alaska and beyond, which explains her affinity for canvas. Her bucket-shaped totes are modeled after traditional sailor bags with thick cotton rope handles.

  • Beckel Canvas Products

    From totes and duffels to tents, all products by this fifty-plus-year-old outdoors company are made of 20-ounce, marine-finished army duck canvas. We swear by Beckel’s zippered “necessary bags.” Most designs are stitched to order, and custom requests are an option.

  • Korbo

    Korbo means “basket” in Swedish, and since 1922, this company has focused on making elegantly plain and simple versions. Initially geared to fisherman, they’re woven from single lengths of steel wire (no welding) and are not only rustproof but also indestructible. Available in a range of sizes, several can be hung from their own purpose-built metal hooks. We use Korbo baskets all over the house.

  • The Laundress

    Specialists in luxury laundry products, the Laundress teamed up with Beckel Canvas to create the Home Storage Collection, which includes simple, durable hampers, totes, and storage bags.

  • Peterboro Basket Co.

    The oldest basket-making factory in America, Peterboro weaves its baskets from flat strips of Appalachian ash harvested in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. They’re available in more than three hundred styles; standouts include an old-fashioned laundry basket with leather handles and nesting bushel baskets.

  • Rushmatters

    At Grange Farm in Bedfordshire, England, Felicity Irons is the keeper of an age-old English custom: she weaves trugs, baskets, bags, and floor mats of sturdy, fragrant bulrush. Spritz with water to rejuvenate.

  • Serax

    An Antwerp, Belgium¬–based company that initially made a splash with flowerpots, it now produces well-made domestic wares of all sorts. We especially love its line of Marie Michielssen-–designed canvas baskets and bins that are gracefully proportioned and surprisingly sturdy.

  • Steele Canvas

    A beloved family-owned Boston company, Steele has been making canvas industrial bins since 1921. And while initially intended for use on building sites, its canvas hampers are now just as likely to be put to work in the laundry room, playroom, and garage.

  • Uashamama

    Pronounced “wash mama,” this Italian line of baskets, bins, and other accessories is all made of a washable cellulose fiber (much like heavy-duty Tyvek). The results are a lightweight but resilient cousin to canvas.

  • Umbra

    Founded in 1979 by two childhood friends, Umbra is known for its clever solutions for all sorts of household challenges, from laundry hampers to belt hangers. We especially like Umbra’s collapsible natural canvas Crunch Bin, available at the Container Store.

  • Verso Design

    Based in Helsinki, Verso is run by Kirsikka Savonen and her two daughters, Tuttu Sillanpää and Tuuli Burman. The trio have their hand in a range of household products; we especially like their take on the traditional Scandinavian basket of pale birch with leather or felt handles and their birch plywood storage boxes.